Transform the Way You Age!

Make Aging Fearless, Fulfilling, And Fun

Perhaps you're experiencing these problems...

  • You’ve started to notice you’re becoming “invisible” in society.
  • It’s difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • You’re feeling tired, and unwell, and want to feel more alive.
  • Your body is starting to look and feel “unfamiliar”, and you want to feel good about it. 
  • That nagging voice in your head is telling you scary stories about aging.
  • You’re finding it much harder to have fun.

You Shouldn't Have to Fear Aging!

I know thoughts of aging can bring up fears and troubling emotions; I’ve been there, done that.

When I realized my mind was creating problems that didn’t even exist yet, I began to use my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching tools to create the outcomes I wanted. I know I can help you with your limiting beliefs and transform the way you age!

What if you could...

  • become vibrantly visible and claim your place as a wise and capable woman
  • discover strategies for getting a good night’s sleep
  • develop more resiliency in your life as you age
  • start feeling more fully alive and creative
  • learn simple techniques for creating resourceful states of mind 
  • participate in a community of engaged, supportive, and like-minded women
  • work with a guide who has experienced both the challenges and joys of aging

Group Coaching Program

Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs

Create empowering beliefs to help you overcome the challenges of aging.

Identify Your Personal Issues and Create Strategies

Use your new strategies to age confidently.

For Yourself, Not By Yourself!

You are not alone! I’ll guide you in becoming a stronger, wiser, more powerful woman, and connect you with a community of engaged and supportive women, just like you.

Why Work With Me?

Work with me, Taru Fisher, a guide who has experienced the challenges and joys of aging, and who has emerged a stronger, wiser, more powerful woman.

I will teach you simple, powerful techniques for creating resourceful states of mind when you need them most.


I'm an irreverent wise elderwoman with a wacky sense of humor who asks the right questions so you get the most out of this season of your life.

Certified NLP Health Practitioner & Coach Specializing in Longevity

NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming, is a method that uses cutting-edge communications tools to produce rapid and lasting change in one’s life.

Medical Cannabis Education

I’m on a mission to debunk the myths and memes of aging and educate about the benefits and safe uses of medical cannabis.

Client Testimonials

“My recent retirement and upcoming move had me confused and anxious. With your coaching, I’ve been able to identify and focus on my priorities and relax about the new direction I’ve chosen for my life. Even better, you’ve helped me rediscover a major goal/passion in my life, which has me more excited and motivated than I’ve been in a long time."
Janet Freeland
"For some of you, getting older can be frightening. Your body changes, sometimes overnight, in ways that you had not anticipated. Some of that is under your control and some of it is not. If you’d like to influence the way you age so that it becomes a positive, glass-half-full approach, check out Taru Fisher’s Group Coaching Program, "Change the Way You Age... Her skill as a coach coupled with her passion for helping women with the aging process makes her the perfect person to coach women wanting to grow into their age."
Carol Stephen, Your Social Media Works
"Dear Taru! I'm always blown away by your courage and tenderness, your ability to ask tough questions and wait patiently for answers. From you I learned, 'Life is great, just keep living.' Thanks."
Natalie Miner, LAc

The Plan

Step 1: Let's have a virtual chat

We’ll meet via Zoom; we’ll learn about each other and decide if my program is right for you.

Step 2: Join us!

You’ll be invited to join our community of engaged, like-minded women who will support you in transforming the way you age

Step 3: Embrace your transformation

Begin your journey of aging with joy and confidence!