I’m SO excited about my Call-A-Crone offer that I must invite you!


It’s at no cost… zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing, and creates NO obligation on

your part. It will be both fun and impactful, and you’ll get an answer to one of

your burning issues about aging. And, I’ve been told I am a lot of fun to hang out with.


It’s a free 45-minute Call-A-Crone Virtual Chat with me about your one main concern around aging. I’ll share my insights and a solution specifically designed for you and to help set you up for longevity.


Why am I doing this? I want to serve women and help create a world where we shed our invisibility, are honored for our wisdom, and take back our power.


I also get to hear concerns about aging from many different women, which helps me provide a better coaching/mentoring program. It’s a win-win!


If you want to join me, here is the link to schedule: If none of those times work for you, email me at ta**@ta********.com, and we’ll figure it out.


If this isn’t of interest to you, no problem. That said, if you know other women who would appreciate this opportunity, please pass this information on to them.


I promise we’ll both have fun, and you’ll get your answer.


Extra Bonus! If you subscribe to my critically acclaimed Love-Letters by clicking, you will also get one of my spectacularly intuitive 1-Card Tarot readings as well as my 10-Tips For Powerful Aging!