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Client Testimonials

"Taru listens well. She is able to distill the information she gains and use it in coming up with solutions. She made me feel comfortable with sharing intimate details about myself and where I am going. Taru has a way of seeing things I could not see about myself. She cares, and that comes across! Taru has a gift and I apprecate her sharing it with me."
Linda Kerwin
“Taru was instrumental in helping me find a solution for my sleep deprivation. Her knowledge and expertise guided me to a combination of products that has me sleeping 7-8 hours every night, for the first time in my adult life! I highly recommend Taru. Take advantage of her class the next time she offers one!"
Jennifer Jaciw
"I attended Taru Fisher’s Introduction to Medical Cannabis class today. She provided very helpful information. The atmosphere was relaxed and I got all my questions answered. I would definitely recommend this Intro class if you are wondering where and how to get started with medical cannabis. Taru is not a medical practitioner, so she is not dispensing medical advice, only education. Her class eliminates the many hours of tedious research that someone might go through to understand medical cannabis in New Mexico and medical cannabis as a source of healing. If you are curious about medical cannabis, I recommend contacting Taru Fisher and finding out when she is doing her next class."
Marena Drlik