Meet Taru

Throughout my life, people have told me they appreciated my moxie.

I was never one to sit back and watch life go by.

I had plenty of times in my life when I had to stand up and tell others to stand back. (Being a nurse in a psychiatric hospital was a great training ground.)

But I was never angrier or more riled up than what happened when I hit 60.

Bad enough were the changes I noticed in myself. Let’s face it – watching your hair, your face, and your energy start fading is no one’s idea of a good time. 

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

The worst was when I woke up one day and realized I had become invisible. People weren’t talking to me or even at me. They just weren’t seeing me at all.

That’s when I knew I had to stand up and speak out.

The first thing I did was kick those age-old old age stereotypes out of my head. I knew I still had plenty of living left to do – wisdom to share, contributions to make – and I intended to do it.

The next thing I did was reach out to find women who wanted to go with me.

For the last 18 years, I’ve been coaching women to explore and yes, even celebrate this time in their lives. Empowering women to share their wisdom, renew their purpose, and negotiate their challenges has made my life as rich and meaningful as it’s ever been.

I’m an Elderwoman of the tribe of women now and find I’m more open, more ready, and more excited than ever. This is my purpose and my mission, and I absolutely treasure being able to do this work.

If there’s more you’d like to do, something you’d like to explore, or you would just appreciate being part of a community of warm, caring women, you’ve come to the right place.

Client Testimonials

“One of the things that I love the most about working with Taru is that she has the ability to hear what I say, understand it, and communicate with me on the same level with words that resonate with what I’m going through at the time. Taru has become the equivalent of a third leg to provide balance while I’m growing so I’ll be able to stand steadier on my own.”
Randee Smith
"I want to thank Taru for literally changing my life, for helping me to recognize my limiting beliefs and empowering me by getting rid of limiting beliefs. The experience of changing limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs was emotional at times and scary as well. I was astonished to realize what one of my core limiting beliefs was! I had an 'AHA' moment while working with Taru. It was a revelation to see that I could think in an entirely different fashion and change my life as a result of that thinking.
Anne Fleming
"An engaging process: sometimes insightful, awkward, emotional, inspiring, and thoughtful. Taru's genuine passion and caring for her work and her clients supports great transition, both consciously and otherwise. I don't understand all that went on but I can attest to the results -- I wake up every day with a giving, competent, entitled attitude and the world greets me with welcome...This process changed me for the better. Thanks Taru -- you are very appreciated."
Patricia Doody